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Another damn pic question

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when I try to pic in my signature I keep getting a message that states my signature is too long???..what the heck does that mean??

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It means just what is says, but more specifically, the number of characters (letters/numbers/brackets) come out to a value greater than what the signature was designed to hold. If I were to guess it may be around 256 characters.

So if you have two empty space characters, reduce it to one and where possible, abbreviate as much as you can in order to fit everything you wish to include.

If your photo name has 10 characters, rename it on your site to reduce the character count to something less than 10. Hell, it can be called: "A.jpg" provided you keep track of which pic it may be.

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The markup characters count against the total, so if you have 2 links and a picture (or vice-versa), you can easily be over the 250 character limit.

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