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Just another quick plug for @69bossnine and NPD. I ordered a new balancer for my 289 a little while ago from NPD. I quickly painted and installed it, and then left it for about 6 weeks while I rounded up the correct pulleys, etc. for my engine. When I went to install my new crank pulley (also from NPD), I noticed that the balancer had not been machined to allow the pulley to recess in and sit flush. At this point, you all know the drill - contact NPD and they have me fixed up and taken care of in no time at all. They pulled a new balancer from their stock, verified it had the machining done, and are sending it my way. All I have to do is send the old balancer back.

Thanks again, Rick, for all you and your employees do for the hobby. It makes it so much more enjoyable when you have a knowledgeable and honest company to deal with. This is my first negative experience with a part, and I couldn't have asked for it to be taken care of any better (not that it was even NPD's fault to begin with).
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