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Thanks Again VMF!

I posted regarding a vibration problem in my stang at 35-45 mph.

I wanted to say thanks to all those who took interest in helping me out.

I also wanted to add an update in the event anyone else has the problem.

I jacked up the 'Stang and inspected the u-joints and they looked fine and seemed to be seated fine and evenly. At the advice of sycostang67, I jacked the car up in the rear (on jack stands and front tires blocked) and put it in gear. I took a stick and braced it on the floor pan and slid it toward the drive shaft until it began to touch. Near the front, I could feel a slight miss, but as I moved toward the back, it seemed to be off center or wabble more as the miss was more evident.

Obviously the problem was related to the rear u-joint, so I decided to take the advice of RonK, who recommended I rotate the shaft 180 degrees on the rear carrier. I did this, and tried the same "stick trick". This time it was a smooth rub.

A test drive confirmed that all was perfect!

Again Thanks VMF!


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Great to hear! Not enough of us post about the results we get. I know I couldn't have ever finished my old 65 Fastback let alone find, evaluate and eventually get the Shelby into its current condition without the help of many, many people here on the forum.

Not to mention the invaluable friendships I've made here! That MCA GN last weekend would have been a real yawner without 'the boys' to hang out with!

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