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thanks to all who helped me out on my problem, finally my dad noticed it last night, we were comin home from work, he was driving it and we got up to 80 and i asked him what that vibration was and he said the drive shaft was out of balance so were gonna get it rebalenced at a speed shop that works on drive shafts, i got a quick question how can i give my car more hp, or is it a waste of time, i know the simplest and easiest is k&n air filter, i got a purolator and came out alot cheapier, what else can i do that is simple? i just want my 6cylinder to have more pep to it, i know i cant do much, but what can i do, my dad doesnt wanna make it fast at all, so im kinda stuck but maybe later on down the road he will let me do some stuff, give me some suggestions with getting more hp
if u dont remember, mines 200 cubic inch, 3.3 liter inline 6

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The best thing is to go to

Here are some suggestions:

Headers- single or dual out
New Muffler
Duraspark II distributor
Rebuilt Autolite 1100 from Pony carbs
Carter YF Carb
Autolite 1101 carb
Weber 2v carb
Holley 2v carb
A later head D8 or later ported
1.6 roller rockers
New cam

The list goes on and on /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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80 is fast enough (for second gear anyway.../forums/images/icons/smile.gif)

I second the notion for a different cam, as that would likely show some improvement. How about different rear gears? Won't add horsepower, but will make it seem quick...


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go to Clifford Performance web site and they have a nice summary of increasing performance but it is more than what you have summarized and would be higher cost. you basically need to significantly increase airflow (intake and exhaust) to do anything significant. seen on the forum where you could go from 120 HP (inflated in manual but probably more like 95 to 100 HP real) up to 180 to 200 HP. may have to get more rearend - they don't sayk anything about that but IMHO the 7 1/4/in. you have is not enough for this increase.
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