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answers to the "my car dies" post

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Ok... so I'm retarded. I hooked the ground wire for the alternator to the "sta" post (I'm assuming that means starter??) because it had a black grommit around the base of it. I couldn't even tell the other post was a ground. There was writing underneath it, but it had worn away. So now my car runs well now. Getting a little smoke out the exhaust and my carb is black on the inside. Too rich??? Thanks again to everyone that's helped me out. Chris
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STA is short for Stator, an intermediate connection in the alternator, used to control the voltage regulator.
Should it be connected to the regulator?? If not, where should I connect it?
STA is normally not used unless it is for an idiot light system. Ammeter systems don't use STA.
Thanks for your help!
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