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Any ideas for rear speakers in conv?

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Any suggestions for rear speakers in a convertible? Is my only option to use repop inside quarter panels with new upholstery and cut holes in them? I sure wouldn't want to cut the originals. Has anyone else found a better way or different location? I'm going for a good weekend driver, but I don't want to hurt my resale value by chopping anything.


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I've been wondering the same thing. First I'm going to install the dual dash speaker and front kick panel speakers. If that's not good enough, I think I'm going to try to fit some small subs behind the seatback. If you want rear speakers, you might put some self contained floor speakers behind the front seats.

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I cut mine (actually done by P.O.) , into the quarter panel arm rests. There is plenty of room under the area for the top to fold down.

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I was planning on building a mount out of wood which would mount on the floor just in front of the rear seat. It would either be covered by carpet or vinyl to match the interior. It might be possible to mount it on the inside quarter trim with a slight loss of room. 6 x 9s would fit on the floor. Maybe 5" in the quarter. I am not looking for originality.

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Im not sure how good this works but you might find it interesting. i was a 66 conv. with 5.25" speakers mounted into 1 box that was mounted onto the hump in the floorboard behind the console. im not sure how good this sounds but it might be worth it to you since he didnt cut the quarters.

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Here is the low down on setting up a stereo in a drop top. IT IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WITHOUT SCREWING UP THE ORIGINALITY! I put the dual speakers in the dash. I put kick panel speakers. I had subs behind the seat with a powerful amp. I did the speakers on the back seat, on the back floor. It was all a waste of time and money. If you look at a new rag top with the Mach stereo system you will soon realize that it takes plenty to jam with the top down at highway speeds. I refused to cut my car. But there is hope!

If this is a driver and you need to have a decent stereo system and you (like me) refuse to cut the original panels you can opt for some modern seats with integrated speakers in the headrests. Old mustang seats are not the greatest anyway. I have the 69 deluxe highbacks and they were the most comfortable seat offered for early Mustangs but they too are not as good as modern seating.

Pardon me for saying this but seats from a Mazda Miata or Corvette have the headrest speakers and work well. If that does not fit with your plans then I suggest leaving the indash stereo alone and set a boom box on the passengers seat or in the back of the car. Some newer ones have a remote control and with a little work you can put a cigarette lighter plug on one. That is where I am and it works good. When it is just me it works great. When there are four people I just put it in the trunk or leave it home.

Hope I helped avoid someone else from spending $$$$$...
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We have the dual dash speakers and a pair of 10" JBL's (in box) which rest on the back seat. They disconnect easily to be put in the trunk and not be an invitation for theft when the car is parked. It doesn't work well if we have passengers, but that isn't often.
BIG speakers are a must to hear over our obnoxius Flowmasters,which my husband just loves!
I strongly recommend NOT cutting the original panels.

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We also have the dual speaker in the dash (front) and the kick panel speakers (rear). I listened to them the other day and they sounded pretty loud, but the car is still under restoration so I haven't tried them driving with the top down. I guess the best answer lies in your priorities. For me, the priority is to have music accompany the wind and exhaust note, not cover them up. So I don't need it real loud. But if you want to hear every note at 65 with the top down, you'll need something like the other folks have mentioned.

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If your vert makes a healthy amount of power and the exhaust system confirms it, then those speakers in the back ain't gonna do you no good! We used the best speakers we could get in the kick panels and a very good CD system for pretty good sound. Damn near can hear the music over the flowmasters.

Wife complained so much about not hearing the radio, I changed mufflers. Really broke my heart.

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