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65 Mustang Convertible
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Oh no... I think I might need one of these.

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Pretty steep. I just wonder though how this price compares to installing 5.0 EFI gear. Seems that 5.0 EFI gear is going to cost you:

1. Used 5.0 EFI gear including ECU, upper and lower manifold, fuel rails, misc sensors etc. $300-500 ??
2. Fuel pump $100 ??
3. Painless EFI wiring harness $300
4. New valve covers. The stock oil filler tube interferes with the upper intake.
5. Welding up the coolant ports to match.

Probably several things I've missed. I would gladly pay a premium (say $500 or so) to get a system in a box which is designed and engineered for my engine. Any more of a price premium and I would be inclined to go the 5.0 donor route.

I have taken a look at the Mustang Plus article ( on transplanting 5.0 gear onto a 289 and they make it look fairly easy.

Has anyone performed this swap and have a good idea of the real costs involved?


I wanted to go EFI to and this is what I found.
A stock 5.0 uses a Mass Air system which takes inputs from sensors then calculates what to do. So any change in the weather is taken into account. Any upgrades done to the motor doesn't require reprogramming.
The Edelbrock unit doesn't use anything to measure the incoming air so it relies on the rest of the sensors to find itself on a preprogrammed fuel map. Any change in weather affects efficiency. Also any change you make to get more HP needs a new chip
It's similar to the closed loop carbed cars of the early 80's. Remember the performance chips?
IMHO if you have to have it and got the bucks, get it. If you want the more HP for a 1/4 of the price, then go carbed.

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