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Any junkyards in NY/NJ?

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew of any good junkyards or salvage yards in the NY/NJ area, that i might find things for my mustang. Thanks.


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There are alot of them in Queens next to Shea Stadium.. I have been to just about all of them. None have anything old anymore. It's always fun to look around in them

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Hi, there are a few in southern NJ near atlantic city. John

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Its not in NJ or NY but CJ pony parts in pennsylvania has a huge mustang junkyard. I live in northern NJ so its not that far for me to go over there
Try Perry's Ponies in Lindenhurst ,NY. He's on Long Island. I just picked up a left front fender and hood hinge from him for $100.00 and the fender is very near perfect

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