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Any Nor Cal guys want to go Salmon Fishing

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Hey, Just got a email from captian of salmon fishing boat I've gone on many times before, he says fishing getting red hot.
He usually does not lie to me, anyway I'm thinking of booking in next week or so, if your interested LMK.

Side Notes
Cost is about 100 including tackle lic cleaning and tip
Fish out of Bodega Bay (Its not as long a boat ride to fish from there than other locations)
I will have to do it during the week, most likely as he books up on weekends too far in advance.

This is small boat only holds 6 guys, I don't like the big cattle boats, Captian great esp with kids if you want to bring some.

PM If interested
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Any idea where you guys are going?? One of my business colleagues tells tall stories of great salmon fishing in the Farallons...his FIL, who was harbormaster in Sausilito, would take him out there and bring back some simply huge salmon. The had a pretty good sized boat though, a 45' IIRC....that's a good distance, 25 miles or so from the Bay...

Anyway, hope you guys have a blast! Nothing like riding the swells to take ones mind off of everyday life...the way the wind has been blowing lately, you'll likely have some nice ones to ride.
Looks like the lings and rockfish are biting too....better get 'em while you can...I've heard noises about DFG closing the fishery down again...
Pat, Your right about F&G closing down rock fish and Lings just a matter of time from what I hear. I know what you mean about Sausolito to Farilons, made that mistake once, I love fishing but boat rides suck IMHO.

Thats why I usually go out of Bodega Bay sometimes we only go out 5 minutes and we are in fish, I think the longest ride might of been 45 min. The captian I use says there getting big fish mostly in 20-30lb class, this size fish is the norm currently according to him.

Hell why not take a little trip up north and join us?

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