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Any trick to inserting speedo gear into C-4?

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I'm trying to get the speedo gear back into the transmission. I've tried jiggling, moving the gear slightly and re-inserting, and moving the drive shaft while in neutral; all to no avail. Is there a trick to getting this thing re-engaged?

Also, the new cable has a plug (just behind the speedo gear) that slips into the transmission. It appears to have a slot that an o-ring would fit into nicely. Should there be an o-ring in this groove? The old cable didn't have one; but then we had lots of fluid on the outside of the transmission, also.

As always, all help is appreciated.

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It does take an o-ring for a seal.It sounds like you have the wrong cable or gear.Did you change something?
Cable is identical to the one I took off, and the speedo gear is the one I took off the old cable. I just attached it to the new cable. I will run down an o-ring at the local hardware store. I was just hoping there was something I was missing on trying to get the gear re-engaged.

It should slide right in.Put a little grease or fluid on the o-ring.
just insert it slowly and gently. Then be sureyou tell her you love her in the morning.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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