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Any VMF'rs in the Pacific Northwest?

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I am relatively new to the forum. Currently own a 1965 Coupe and am looking to purchase a 1965 convertible.

Anyone out there from the Northwest? I would be interested in chatting about mustangs and locating a conv. in the area to purchase.

(I am in Spokane)

If you are near by, send me a quick e-mail or reply to this post.

[email protected]

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I'm in Renton (ya know.. where Boeing used to be). It may be worth it to check with Memory Lane Motors (206) 575-1258. Mark, the owner deals mostly in consignments and no junk. I've seen several restored converts there selling at realistic prices. You gotta see the siver jade 69 Shelby that's there now.....
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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