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After perusing Photopoint's tech board, I've concluded they made a software change 2 days ago that won't recognize the requests for pix with a .jpg or.gif suffix...

This workaround for us was a departure from the normal Photopoint link because Bob's software wouldn't accept their normal link URL...

From the responses by PTB on the boards, I'd say we're going to need a different photo host....

My apologies since I believe I was the one who recommended Photopoint from my experiences with them on eBay...

I'll do some research this morning before going out to the shop and see what alternatives I can find...


I think I did. Quoting my own post on another thread:

I just tried something different with Photopoint and this seems to work.

1) Save your pic to an album.
2) Open the album and click on the thumbnail of the pic you want to use. This will bring up the larger version.
3) Right-click on the large version of the pic and select "Open Link In New Window"
4) Copy the URL from the address line in your should contain something like "Sequence=0&res=high" at the end
5) Paste this link in your sig with the "/image....jpg" etc.

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Thanks, I just switched to another service, but maybe I'll give that a try. This one doesn't let me taylor the size much.

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