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Particulalry one from a 70's Ford passenger car? I've got a cable and pedal assembly out of a Fairmont that I want to use when I put the new engine in. I can't think of how bad I would have to molest the mechanical linkage to get it to work with the new head, intake, and carburetor.

I'm worried about the fuse box. It's right where I'd like to mount this pedal. Anyone relocated it? Maybe a little off to the side won't hurt... suggestions?


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Moving the fuse box shouldn't be a problem and I seem to recall Windsor-Fox makes a bracket to adapt a late model Mustang's gas pedal assembly (same damn part as the Fairmont - maybe a different pedal after '92) so perhaps you can fabricate something to fit that pedal assy to your Coupe.

Hope that helps,

Dean T

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