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Anyone ever paint over POR-15

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I noticed that POR-15 has a "primer" that you can paint over the POR-15 rust preventer and then paint with whatever you want....
has anyone ever done this?

I was thinking of using POR-15 in the trunk / engine compartment and then using their primer, then painting.....

Any suggestions / info. about experiences would be appreciated.


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I did paint over POR-15 primer, and it worked fine.

I think the concern is that POR-15 dries to a slick surface that most paint will have a hard time adhering to.....Don't know if a scuff with sandpaper will take care of this or not...

I've also been told that applying a topcoat over POR-15 while it is still tacky will allow the two paints to "meld" in a way that will enhance adhesion. Never tried that myself.

Unsolicited recommendation: Eastwood's Coroless (now "Rust Encapsulator") No topcoating issues there ! Dickson
I was told by the por-15 people that i had to sand what ever surface it was coated
with por-15 before topcoat. That was 4 years ago so maybe things have changed as
haven't used it since. regs.
I recently applied the silver por-15 on my trunk floor, then sprayed with ppg K36 primer. The primer definitely adheres..but like any 'totally flashed' primer/paint/por-15-like product, you'll want to scuff it up with a scotchbrite pad first before applying the next material. Good luck.
I used por on the seams under the hood of the 62 and around the fender edges where rust seems to form and shot lacquer over it and everything looks good. I cant believe how well por lays down after being brushed on...
I've painted over POR-15 many times. Both sides of my son's deck lid are coated in POR-15. I've always used the POR-15 Tie Coat primer on it when I was going to put a top coat on it. Never had a problem at all with it.
I am using POR-15 on my engine compartment and the directions say: If you want to paint over it you can use there primer or wait untill it is ther is a slight tack "finger drag" and just dust a vary light mist of the desired primer over it. Let it dry fully then you can finsh prime and paint it whatever you want. This is what I read on the instructions that came with my starter kit.
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