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Anyone have one of these Eastwood Cleaning Guns?

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I just got my spam mail from Eastwood and their Multi purpose Cleaning Gun caught my eye. It attaches to your garden hose and your air compressor. Anyone have one, any recommendations???
Here is the link

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No recommendation. But I would have killed to have one of these three weeks ago! Then again, I would kill to have the air copressor too! Soon...but not soon enough.

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have something similar sold by sears - made by devillbis I think. does generate a lot more water pressure not as much as I was looking for. Was hoping to use it to pressure wash the deck. Ended up buying a real pressure washer later.

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The Sears one works well enough for cleaning the engine compartment. A hose goes into a diluted container of simple green or some such solvent. It sure isn't good enough for a deck!

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