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Hey guys

I haven't posted here in forever, some of you may remember me from years back. Anyways, heres the story. I got the project in high school and worked on it for a few years. I went away to college and obviously, progress slowed down lots. Well, now i'm graduating in December and moving to Florida for my job. My father is also planing to move, so i'm kinda stuck- no where for the car to go. I haven't worked on it in 2 years or so; I haven't been at home and I haven't had enough money.

All of the rust repair and structural work has been done on the car; quarters, outside wheel wells, fenders, inner fenders, core support, floors, rear frame rails, front frame rail extensions, cowl, doors, etc. The car is currently in primer, but it needs to be sanded down and re primed because there was some sort of issue where the primer didn't stick properly. The car originally was a late 65 T code, but all of the 6 cyl parts are long gone. It currently has a early 302, 3 spd. top loader, 8" with highway gears, and v8 style front spindles. The car comes with lots of parts too, complete manual and power steering setups, power top, etc.

If anyones interested, drop mean email: [email protected] or give me a call 815-298-7095 and i can provide lots more detail. I'm not really sure how much the cars worth, but I would like to see it go to a good home since i put my heart and soul into it for quite a long time.

thanks guys

Jason Smid
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