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No, I'm not trying to post a for sale ad. Just thought I'd post this if someone was interested. I went to Nashville today to see my grand daughter before they move to Conneticut on Monday. On the way back, I spied a green '73 Mach 1 in a church parking lot for sale. Stopped and gave it a quicky inspection. Older restoration, was restored to what looks like a concourse resto. Has a few scratches on it, engine bay needs a little cleanup and detailing. It has the nasa hood, with ram air intact. It's a fantastic looking car, has probably been a trailor queen. 351c didn't look to see if was a 2v or 4v. Doesn't have the chin or rear spoilers (no holes open either). Asking price was $12,975. Didn't think to write the number down, but can probably get my step-son's dad to get if for me if anyone is interested. It is in Franklin, TN Near where I-65 and hwy 96 intersect. Like I said, I gave it a quick once over, looked really nice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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