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i was looking into the new bullitt wheels for my 67 coupe. they are the 17x8's in the silver painted spoke with a polished outer rim and they look great. however, i have read that the backspacing needs to be 4.5" up front and 6.5" in the rear and i was told that they have over 5". those numbers that i have seen do not tell whether or not it is a front wheel disk car or drum car. i imagine that the spacing will be different between the two because of the calipers but am not sure. i was just wondering if anyone has a larger backspacing o wheels in the front using disk brakes or not. gene evans ford racing has a deal on these wheels for $659.80 a set and tires can be had for an additional 499.99 (kumho 245/45/zr17) with them mounted and balanced.

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even better, they can be had for $540 from here:

i've been told they'll fit, it's just a matter of using spacers. i have the specs at work (i think it's 1/2" up front and 1/4" in the back but i could be wrong). after all, they are the same dimension as the older cobra wheels and people have been putting them on classic mustangs for a while.

i agree, they look GREAT. they're like torqu-thrust Ds but bigger, cheaper, and FORD. they'd look great on my 67 fastback.


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Here is a cut and paste of two replies I posted to others with the
same question. Just an added note, the backspacing on Ford
Mustang/Cobra rims from 1994 to 1999 is 5.72". On my stock
14" x 6" steel style rims it is 4.25". as you can see that is a lot to make up !

First one:
I was looking into putting 1999 Cobra rims on my '68 CS/GT
coupe, but in the end decided against it. The cost of the adapters
was over $100 each. And they should be run on all four corners.
You run into some serious tracking problems without it.

If you use spacers, there is a serious danger of studs snapping
if they are over 1/4". But with adapters that bolt onto the original
wheel studs and then give you five new studs .... they are fine.
We have many people in our car club even running them on their
open track cars. (check out H&R springs web site)

I ended up going with Delta Bay Mustangs new Shelby 10 spokes
in a 16" x 8" size with the proper backspacing. Tires are on order,
will post pics when I get them mounted.


there is a backspacing problem, but one that can be taken
care of .... at a cost !
Places like H&R Springs ( have the
proper and extremely well made spacers .... about $200/pair !!!!

I was going to mount a set of 4 1999 Cobra 17" x 8" rims on my
1968 Calif. Special/GT until I found out about the cost of the
spacers. Instead I worked a deal on the Cobra rims
for 4 new Yokohama AVS db's (225/55 -16 and 245/50-16) on 4
new 16" x 8" Shelby ten spokes !

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I've thought about this a lot myself, and decided to look at some other wheels. The cost and appearance of those wheels is very attractive, but once you throw in the cost of adapters you could get yourself some shiny torque thrust II's for the same price. So, to ease your mind while you are driving those windy (as in curvy, not blowing wind) roads, buy some wheels that you know will center up and be securely fastened to the hub. That is what I will be doing.

Oh ya, and the backspacing is 5.72 inches, you would need at least a 1 inch spacer. Good luck and happy wheel hunting!


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