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Anyone put aftermarket seatbelts in the back seat

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Have any of youse guys bought some of those aftermarket seatbelts that most suppliers offer. I was planning on getting 3 sets for the back seat of my convertible so the kids could ride along. Then I noticed that they mentioned that they "might be too long for use in back seat". I finally figured that this might mean that the non adjusting side might be so long that it would wrap all the way around your waist before it stopped.

Have any of you guys put these in the back seat?
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If you're thinking of putting in lap belts, most suppliers sell them in three lengths. 60" for back seats, 74" for front buckets and 90" for front bench.

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I bought a set for that very purpose, and they were way too long. They were even too long when I strapped them around a car seat. I still have them and can make you a reeelly goood deeel!

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I put them in the back of my '65. My kids are still little (45 & 65 pounds). They work OK. The adjustable side is way too long. You could have someone with a commercial sewing machine shorten that side I guess. I only have 2 in back, but I need to add another one, as we are adding another one...if you get my drift.


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I put a pair in the fastback for my kids. They came from Pep Boys,cost about $15 per set. The belt length was adjustable, stitched at buckle end and they lace through the mounting ends. You must lace them exactly as shown in the instructions. these worked out very nice.

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