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Anyone watch King of the Hill tonight?

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In case you didn't catch it, on King of the Hill Tonight, the guys had dumped one of their friends classic Mustangs into a pond inside a quarry. Looked like a 66, candy apple red... it was beautiful.

It's good to see the best car in the world being featured on TV, even if it wasn't in the best of lights.

1967 coupe with vinyl top. 351W engine with C-4. Work in progress.
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Didn't see King of the Hill. I see your putting a 351w into a '67. Do you have any pics of your work? I've got a '91 351w Police Interceptor to go into mine when I get there.
'67 Coupe project car (Did I say project car? I meant pile of rust)
I haven't taken any pics yet. I have everything in a storage space right now. I'm moving next month to an apartment that has garages where I can work on everything, so I'll be all set. I'll take some pictures but everything is a real mess right now. The car up on jack stands completely stripped down.. doing the body work right now.

Wish I had a better windsor block, mine's a 1980 and I hear that wasn't one of the better years.

1967 coupe with vinyl top. 351W engine with C-4. Work in progress.
Yes I watched it, being that I claim to be from Arlon TX (Austin in reality). I enjoyed it and was suprised with some of the detail that was put into drawing it. John

It would be a shame to have passed the test but to have missed the lesson.
Poor Boomhouer, at least he found his stang and got closure.

Can you smellllllllalalalala........?
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Did you see they turned the
key to see if it would still start?

Gene J
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