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AOD and stock shifter and gears (Kind-a Long)

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Can't remember if i asked this question here or not.
I know I can get a kit to allow my stock 66 shifter work w/ the AOD.
But how much can I control it?
With the C-4 I can skip low and use second and drive only. Will it work the same way and then shift into OD when necessary?

Also I've gotten some slack on my choice for running 3.27 gears w/ the AOD.
Let me make sure I'm right. A bigger number is a quicker/shorter gear and a lower number a slower/taller gear?
A higher gear will be at a higher RPM at any given speed right? Is that right?
Remember I want a highway/interstate cruiser.

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The industry's terminology is kind of confusing. A numericly lower number is actually a higher gear than say a numericly higher number. What the number represents is how many times the driveshaft has to turn to turn the wheels once. In other words with a 3.27:1 gear the drive shaft has to turn 3.27 times to 1 turn of the wheels. If you have say a set of 2.98:1 it will take fewer revoltions to do the same amount of work, however it requires more effort to do so. The opposite is true of a set of say 4.11:1 gears, it take more rev's but less effort. I think because you are using an AOD trans, 3.27 should work OK. Sorry for running long,hope this helps you out. Scott

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In my opinion you want around a 3.5 gear with OD. I had 4.11 gears with od and it was great.

Good luck

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I believe 2.79 gearing was standard on 89-93 Mustangs with AOD. 3.27 gearing was a no cost option offered to dealers and most accepted ( the cars were peppier on the lot and who realizes the mileage penalty until you own it) Anyway 2.79 is O.K.
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