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AOD driveshaft questions? what will work

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OK. I thought I seen the answer to this somewhere but I cannot find it. I did the 5.0 w/AOD conversion on my 64.5 convertible (Stang). I never got the original drive shaft when I got the STang so now that I have the motor and tranny in (and almost finished wiring) AND I have the rear end rebuilt ( standard 8" with 3.55 gears), I am trying to figure out what to do about a driveshaft. I did get a driveshaft from a donor 89 GT when I bought the motor and tranny from a 90 GT, but it is to short ( by about 5 inches). This particular driveshaft was matched up to a T5 orginally but I believe the Yoke will fit fine with my AOD. I can get my hands on a driveshaft out of a 70 Mustang fastback that is rusting away in a salvage yard - it is 54" from center Ujoint to center Ujoint. I thought I could take the two driveshafts to a shop and see if they could make one that would work for me. What do you all think? Will that work? I cannot find a 65/66 driveshaft any where nearby or I would get that and mate it with the T5 yoke. Any ideas about how much it would cost to have a shop do this? THanks in advance for the help.
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Not sure on the costs of the fabs that you describe, but nor the T-5 yoke. Here's what I do know, though:

The standard '65/'66 driveshaft for a C4 works perfect as is IF you use the AOD yoke. If you use the C4 yoke, either the yoke or the driveshaft must be shortened.

Not much help, I know, but hopefully it helps a little.
I was lucky enough to find a yoke in a salvage yard that fit my original driveshaft and I didn't have to modify the shaft. You need to check the u joint on the 70 driveshaft and see if it fits in the saddle (or yoke) of the differential in your car. IIRC the way to measure for the correct fit would be to install the yoke in the end of the tranny and measure the distance center to center (u joints) and subtract 3/4 inch. This is with all four wheels on the ground or on stands so the weight of the car is totally on the springs.
I would love to find a 65/66 shaft with either yoke since I already have a newer one that fits great on my AOD. So far no such luck. called all the local salvage yards and as soon as I say 65/66 Mustang, they just laugh and say "NO". I have been to some smaller yards but all the drive trains and most of the rear ends are all gone.
I did a rough measure just like you describe with the short drive shaft I have. I put it on the tranny side and then measured from center of Ujoint on tranny end to end of saddle on differential end and came up with 51.5 inches. I am not sure how far I should push the yoke onto the tranny shaft so I only pushed it up to where the coloring changed ( ring around the shaft). Y subtract 3/4 inch?
Push the yoke in until it bottoms out. Be sure to measure to what would be the center of the joint at the differential not the back of the joint against the saddle. Then subtract 3/4 in from the total. This is to alleviate any chance of the driveshaft pounding the tailshaft of the tranny and doing any damage..
aahaaa. got it.
will have to check the saddle hole spacing to see if the 70 shaft will match up on the differential saddle end.
If you end up having to get the '70 shaft shortened, it shouldn't cost too much. When I recently had my '68 shaft balanced, I asked how much too shorten it later on if necessary (after I do my AOD-E swap). He said it would run about $89.
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