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1966 'A' code GT fastback. Ivy Green Metallic. 327ci. Not terribly stock anymore.
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Id like to know what AOD is, what its benifits are, if you can convert the stock C-4 to AOD, and how big of a project that would be? My car will only be used on the street.

AOD == [color:red]A</font color=red>utomatic [color:red]O</font color=red>ver[color:red]D</font color=red>rive.

A C4 can not be converted to AOD. You CAN add an additional gearbox to a C4, which will turn it into a six speed. The process is involved. I recall seeing a How-To article in one of the many Mustang magazines on this in the past year or so.

Check out for more info.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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