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There has been a ton of discussion here regarding AOD's. Use the forum search feature for more information, but in a nut shell here's the scoop on AODs.

The AOD was one of Ford's automatic transmissions during the 80's and up until 1993 when it was replaced with the AODE "Automatic Overdrive Electronic". The proper AOD, properly set up, can be installed in a vintage mustang in place of the C4. You can have it built to handle pretty much whatever power level you want within reason. The primary advantage of the AOD is the overdrive gear, which gives a 1.33:1 output. In other words, it will lower your highway RPM by 1/3. This in and of itself will make your car more streetable, increase milage, and increase your car's potential top speed (assuming it is red line mine is).

If you look through any mustang catalog such as NPDs or MustangPlus, you will see many of the parts necessary to do an AOD conversion. Windsorfox makes and sells many of the required parts. One part they don't sell is the actual AOD. These are available from places like Summit for around $1200, or as rebuilt units from others for less or more. When I was looking for an AOD, I could not find a good used unit in my area. The one's I found were all 100,000 mile units that needed rebuilt, and rebuilders quoted around $1000 + core to rebuild. So, I faltered on my AOD conversion. I ended up with another idea, that is gathering dust right now in my barn...but that's a story for another day. Good luck with whatever you decide.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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