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I have 100 + / - boxes of really old 50's - 70's true NOS parts in the clay red and silver and pale blue and silver boxes. Many of the boxes list Edsel as one of the makes of car for Ford. All of the boxes are FOMOCO, with a few Autolites. I know how to identify what it fit using the base number, decade and year indicator in the part number, and the AZ, ZZ, etc. letters, but what I am looking for a some Web accesable data base where I can put in the part number on the box, and find out EVERYTHING is fits. For example, the brake light switch on a 64 1.2 Mustang is off a 58 Ford, so just by using the part number on the box, I would never know what that I could use in on my Mustang. Any help??

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Don't believe you'll find any such thing. Guess you have to do it the hard way like the rest of us ;)

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I don't think that there is any website listings for Ford parts.
I think the best thing you could pick up to help would be a
Ford Master Parts and Accessories Catalog. It is used by
most of the NOS dealers at swaps and it is arranged by
part numbers and the corresponding cars they fit.

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