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I'd like to make a rough guess as to when my '66 coupe was built. I'm aware that this is an imperfect guess, but since I have no door data plate, it'll have to do.

Here's what I know:

- It's a '66 year model
- It's a San Jose built car
- The consecutive unit number is 241319

I'm also aware that each plant started numbering at 100,000 for the year, although all the models were mixed together. Additionally, I'm aware that consecutive unit number had more to do with when it was ordered or scheduled to be built than the actual sequential order they were made.

Still, I'm figuring that I should be able to narrow down the build date somewhat based on other consecutive unit numbers with known build dates for San Jose built cars.

Lacking a list of these numbers, I'm turning to my fellow VMFers. If you have a '66 built in San Jose, can you send me the last 5 digits of your VIN and the build date? Or, if there is a resource of such information already compiled, can you clue me in?

I'd be happy estimating the build date within a month or two.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks to everyone who answered, both here and via PM. I think I have a pretty solid build date now, despite my lack of door tag.

Thanks again. I'll have to buy a copy of the production guide (I didn't know it existed) to justify my new bit of knowledge.

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I am having trouble approximating the build date on my '65 conv. It was built in Dearborn and the consecutive number is 700048. I would appreciate it if you could help me out on this.

Rick Hutfloetz
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