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Are there ANY quality wheels for an old mustang ?

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I have just bought a set of Centerline wheels for my 1966 coupe and am very disappointed in the quality of them.
They cannot be balanced by the hub as the centre hole is not in the centre.It is out far enough for the eye to see !
They can only take lock in valves and the inside of the wheel is not even deburred for the valve.
I'm afraid they are not great value for the price of them.
These were to replace the Wheels Vintique Magnum 500 wheels I have which are also poor quality.
These also cannot be balanced by the centre hub. One wheel could not be balanced correctly at all even after remounting the Cooper tyre many times. It has a dozen weights on it and is still out of balance.
These wheels have paint runs on them as well.

Both brands are made in the USA. From what I have seen the quality control with wheels coming out of the US leaves a bit to be desired.

Can anyone recommend a quality brand of wheel that looks good on a 66 mustang ?
Wheels that have a decent range in backspacing ?

I'm looking for 15" rims around 7-7 1/2" with something like a 5" backspacing.
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I bought my mag. 500 rims thru They are perfect quality and the paint is great. These rims have to be balanced by what they call lug centric balancing. ( yours included). My nrims are 15x7 with 4 1/4 inch backspacing. I think you what to reconcider 5inch spacing. I don't think that will fit.

Wheel Vintiques 54-5712044 - Wheel Vintiques 54 Series Magnum 500 Wheels - Overview -
I'm looking for 15" rims around 7-7 1/2" with something like a 5" backspacing.
Don't mess with the offset.

Mustang Wheel and Tyre Chart

Maybe your quality problem requires a better dealer, one who sells quality rather than lowest price.

Tex, I'm all for USA made stuff, and the USA stuf I have is fine. But it is easier for those of us who live here to get good stuff. And a damn sight easier if I have a bad one that I have to send back. If I were living in the downunder......howsabout something like the CSA Retro from Mullins ? Comes in 17 inchers and made right there where you're calling home. Actually, many of us in the USofA are jelous of all of the neat stuff, automotive wise, that the big car companies make for Australia that we don't get here in the States. Mullins makes steelies as well, if thats your preferance. LSG
I purchased classic Centerline wheels for the Fastback about eight years ago from Summit, and they were of excellent quality with no problems balancing them with BFG radial tires. They still look as new all these years later.
I bought my Magnum 500's from Specialty Wheel of Oregon via a Mustang shop. They're made in Oregon. Excellent quality. Like a lot of wheels now, you cannot mount them by the center hole to balance them. The boxes my wheels came in were stamped "lug centric balance only". All tire shops should have the lug centric balancer adapter. It mounts the wheel to the machine via the lugnut holes versus the center hole.
I have Cragar S/S on mine. They are lug centric balance like yours. I had to go to a few different shops until I found one with someone who knew how to balance a lug centric tire.
Thanks for the replies and advice guys.Sorry I haven't replied earlier. Been at work for 2 days.

The Magnum 500 I have are from Wheels Vintique.
There are paint runs on mine and they can't be balanced by the centre hub.
I can't see they are great quality.Surely the centre hole should be in the centre of the wheel ?
It's a little frustrating when they have to be imported here as the cost goes through the roof.
It can't make any difference what dealer I get them from as they are the same brand, same model wheels.

I have had a friend's 15 x 7 1/2" 5" backspacing Convo Pros wheels with 245/60 tyres on with no rubbing anywhere.
No rolled guards either. This is the ideal rim size if you're looking for maximum rubber under the back. I don't know why there is so little choice of wheels with that backspacing. There ain't much room under a 66 so the rim size/backspacing is critical.

Thanks for the tip on Mullins wheels here downunder. I'll see what they have but I'm not too keen on 17" rims.
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Further update..

Yesterday I had the new tyres mounted to the Convo Pros.
They tried to balance the rear wheels with the "finger balancer" or lug balancer and could not get a balance.
They said if the front wheels and tyres came up the same I'd be in trouble with vibration through the steering wheel.
The fronts were the same so in desperation they tried the hub for balancing and managed to get it closer than the previous attempts.
This is what I am stuck with.
However to my way of thinking attempting balancing by the lugs would have the best result regardless of how far out it was.

All up I would not recommend Centerline wheels to anyone considering them.
They cost me $1300 US delivered to Australia.
I'd expect better.
You can use this link to search for a shop that has the equipment to lug centric balance your wheels Hunter GSP9700 Wheel Vibration Control System
Granted, you are on a different continent, but it sounds like you need to make some phone calls, to the dealer, manufacturer, etc, to get this figured out.

That said, I believe I too have convo pro's. They have center caps that push through the hub hole in the center, from the back side, correct? They are about the size of a medium drinking glass? If this is the case, these wheels are definately not made to be "hub centric".

Just for some background for those who don't know, "hub centric" means the wheel is centered on the hub of your car via the center hole - i.e. there should be a good snug fit between the center hole of the wheel, and the circular part that sticks out of the hub on the car, and this keeps the wheel centered. "lug centric" wheels are centered on the car by the lug nuts and bolts. Generally if there is slop between the center hole on the wheel, and the circular lip of the hub, you are (or should be) using lug centric wheels - because that hub is NOT going to keep that wheel centered. If you are using hub centric wheels, and the hub doesn't fit snug, then you are fubarred - nothing that is designed to center your wheel is working properly.

That said, you need to find a shop that knows what they are doing, and has the equipment to balance the wheels properly LUG CENTRIC (if my assumption is correct). Now, this part is getting way beyond my experience level, but is it possible to have them try to balance the wheel without the tire? I would think this would tell you if the problem is with the wheel, or tire, or the orientation of the tire on the wheel (stacked tolerances).

Hope this helps, and sorry if I said something is wrong - please correct me if I am wrong.

If you do find that the wheels are all out of wack, call up the dealer and manufacturer and give them hell. If possible, maybe you can get the shop to do it - I think they would be better at, and more convincingly, describing the problem - and then you can give them real hell afterwards.

If you do decide to buy another set of wheels, and have them imported, maybe you can arrange to have them balanced BEFORE they cross the ocean? Or better yet, try and find something local ;)
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