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Are there ANY quality wheels for an old mustang ?

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I have just bought a set of Centerline wheels for my 1966 coupe and am very disappointed in the quality of them.
They cannot be balanced by the hub as the centre hole is not in the centre.It is out far enough for the eye to see !
They can only take lock in valves and the inside of the wheel is not even deburred for the valve.
I'm afraid they are not great value for the price of them.
These were to replace the Wheels Vintique Magnum 500 wheels I have which are also poor quality.
These also cannot be balanced by the centre hub. One wheel could not be balanced correctly at all even after remounting the Cooper tyre many times. It has a dozen weights on it and is still out of balance.
These wheels have paint runs on them as well.

Both brands are made in the USA. From what I have seen the quality control with wheels coming out of the US leaves a bit to be desired.

Can anyone recommend a quality brand of wheel that looks good on a 66 mustang ?
Wheels that have a decent range in backspacing ?

I'm looking for 15" rims around 7-7 1/2" with something like a 5" backspacing.
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I bought my mag. 500 rims thru They are perfect quality and the paint is great. These rims have to be balanced by what they call lug centric balancing. ( yours included). My nrims are 15x7 with 4 1/4 inch backspacing. I think you what to reconcider 5inch spacing. I don't think that will fit.

Wheel Vintiques 54-5712044 - Wheel Vintiques 54 Series Magnum 500 Wheels - Overview -
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