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Argentine Head more try

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Finally, I think I've gotten the whole image posting and geocities problem worked out. Check these out. It's the only one north of the Equator that anyone know's of:
Gotta love those headers!
A little comparison.
Stock Argentine intake valve versus stock US intake valve. Anyone know what technique that's called? I don't think it's a 3 angle job but possibly undercut? The depth of the valve face is significantly shallower than the US piece.
Here's the 250 that's been in the machine shop for the past few weeks. Flat-top pistons, 280* cam, full ARP studs, and a new TCI Breakaway converter await! Note the small block C4 bellhousing attached to the back.

Thanks for looking!


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Why didn't someone just tell me to add *.,jpg* to the end of the Photopoint address??? was working fine on my other forum. I guess this one's a bit to just fix that signature

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That's just weird looking!

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In two separate posts on the subject, I spent a couple hours two days ago figuring all that stuff out...

That's the bad thing about the posting format...these informational posts get buried...

Try plugging "picture hosting" into the search engine...

Remember, it WORKS now..!


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Raven - Hey, weird is good! How many 289's with Edlebrock packages can you stand to see at a car show??? This one will be just as fast once I'm done...

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Looking good John. Tell me how is a 280 cam going to get along with an auto transmission? What kind of converter are you planning on using?

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Well, I've got a TCI Breakaway converter for it. It's rated at 2400rpm stall behind a small block. The 280 cam shouldn't be as bad in a 250 as you might imagine it in a 200 as well. It should burn 'em nicely and still pull to 6 grand.


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