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What is everyone's preference for vinyl protectant? I hear armor-all is not good. 3-M makes a product they are pushing as the latest and greatest, but what is your experience? What about for cleaning the plastic convertible window?
Thanks for you input, and you're a southerner, I hope your car isn't as pollen-yellow as mine is today.
Happy motoring.

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in general, i like using 3M products. for plastic, i use plexus. it's available at motorcycle shops. i use it all the time for my helmet and windscreen.

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I didn't know 3M had new dressings out, but I also like their products. I presently use a product called Prime Shine made by Pro Industries. Lasts very long, looks great, doesn't attract dust and conditions vinyl, plastic, etc.

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I like the 3M product. I bought the pine scented one (it comes in 3 or 4 different scents) and it really smells good. It does a great job at cleaning the vinyl, and it leaves a nice sheen behind. Not too shiny or greasy like some other cleaners.

One drawback to it, if you ask me, is it doesn't seem to last very long. It seems after about four days, it could use another treatment.

I hope this helps,
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I've used Armor All on my '68 for about twenty years and have never (knock on wood) had a crack or anything else. It's worked good for me, but the car has been mostly garaged when not driven, so I may not be the best example.

Regarding the rear plastic window on convertibles, either Mustangs Unlimited or National Parts Depot carries some cleaner (I can't remember which catalog I saw it in). I have not used it yet, because I just bought my convertible, but I plan to get some.

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i get my 68 coupe painted about every 5 years.
and i have a black vinyl top. and the fresh paint
always makes the top dull and lifeless. i used to use
armour all but it would draw dust. so i read in another
post that son of a gun by stp does not. and they are 90
percent right. also it brought the color back. it has been
over 3 weeks since i last put it on. and of course if
whole car gets dusty the top does to but it seem to wipe
off easy without removing the protectant. although when you
wash the car be careful not it get to much water on it. i have
learned to be careful and have no real problems. like i said
the product does about 90% of what is promises. some
of the other replys mentioned products that dont draw dust.
i bet these are good to.

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Vinylex. It is made by the same company as Lexol. Similar to Armorall, but doesn't react with the presence of Ultraviolet light (sun). I use it exclusively. It is available at Car Care Specialties. They have a webpage and you get great discounts. Internet or Phone orders. Many, Many other products as well. very knowledgable sales people. Found out about them from the Porsche people.

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