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arrrrrggghhhh(non- mustang)

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I'm having a rough time w/ the 390 I just put in my truck. Yesterday it ran fairly well but this morning when I went to start it, nothing. It would crank over but never once even sputtered, not even w/ a generous amount of starting fluid shoved down it's throat. I have checked every aspect of the ignition I can w/ the tools I have here. I reset the point gap, checked the firing order, pulled a couple plugs and inspected them, and checked all the connections. I did notice one thing weird. The #1 plug was not wet and smelled only faintly of gas. After all that cranking I figure it should be soaked. Fearing the worst I removed the valve covers and made shure the valve train was still functioning and it is. I need some advise this is driving me nuts!

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Verify you've got spark. Pull a sparkplug wire and place it close to the block. Have someone turn it over and watch. Better to do it at night, so it is very apparent.
Pop the aircleaner and cycle the throttle. Is gasd squirting out fo the Accel pump? If not, you've got a fuel problem.

Good luck.

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