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Since you own a 65 GT Fastback, I'm sure you've probably done some research on how many you feel were made and possibly what might be left. Are these beauties somewhat rare? or no more that any other GT?

Anyone want to take an educated guess on production?


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One of my sources indicates there were 559,451 1965 Mustangs produced, of which 77,079 were fastbacks.

Of the 607,568 1966 Mustangs produced, only 35,698 were fastbacks.

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i haven't really ever gotten caught up in the 'how rare is my car' thing. just not interested since there are no reliable statistics available from Ford to calculate numbers like this.

All i know is that there were about 5000 65 fastbacks made with pony interior and my car is one of those. That's rare enough for me.

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