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Hey Vince,

Sorry I didn't respond to your carb post below. haven't been on much lately since my friend died last Friday.

Anyway I noticed someone else replied to your post. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif Just thought I would also mention that Ford changed over to a new Holley carb in 1959 from the previous year. I think Model #9510? Not certain how that number pertains to the info from SuperCJ, but I can probably do some more digging if needed.


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I think you are referring to the Holley 4000 series
Holleys first 4bbl carb was the 2140 of 1953 it was a 370cfm carb. In 1955 they introduced the 4000 series also a 370cfm, sometimes referred to as the T-Pot. It had the float chamber cast as part of the main body but it was on the top of the carb above the choke plates. This design earned it the nickname "Firebox", a backfire would usually set the whole thing ablaze
These were to my knowledge not used in the passenger car lines after 1956. In 1957 the 4150series arrived as a 400cfm unit. The 4150 is still with use today

Greg B
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