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ATTENTION: 67 Mustang 390 FANS...

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Did the 67 390's come with a 6 blade or 7 blade cooling fan?
Is part # C6OE-F correct?
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7 - blade w/ clutch . " F " is correct . Just noticed your post # is 289 .
were they all equipped with a clutch?
If not, would you know the correct part # and blade count?
Well . . . not meaning to add to any confusion regarding fans and clutches, my book shows '67 390 fan as #C6OE-F, seven blades, as you mentioned above, and fan clutch #C7ZE-B, however . . .

My '67 390 has a 5-blade fan, #C5AE-B (289 application) and no fan clutch. Since my car was pretty much totally original when I bought it, I have no reason to believe that this fan wasn't original, also. What happened often on the assembly line, is that when a "correct" part wasn't available, the workers would "substitute" another part that would work, just to keep the line moving.

My Mustang was produced 19 days behind schedule, so I'm sure the assembly line was working overtime, whips were cracking, and they couldn't hold up production because the "correct" fan wasn't available, so they installed whatever they had . . . in my case, a '66 289 5-blade fan /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif.

As far as the fan-clutch goes, I know that all 390 cars with air-conditioning had one, but many (like mine) without AC didn't have one.


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For the record my '67 390GT conv 4spd w/o air has the seven blade clutch fan.
Rick is right about the Ford assembly line using what ever worked when in a pinch but the fan that's listed as being on the 67 390 as well as the 428 is cast number C6OE-F, seven blades, 18 1/4 inches. The confusing part is the fan clutch. The clutch casting number depends on when the car was built. The information I have is as follows:
C7ZE-A 289 with air and all 390GT before 2-27-67
C7ZE-B 289 with air and all 390GT after 2-27-67
This fan was also on 390 fairlanes and probably other 390 equiped cars. Hope this helps.
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