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I'm going to atempt to install my gauge overlays on my 65 falcon style gauges. Any tips? I know there not the same as your 67 but......

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Well, let's see...

Clean your gauge faces well and repaint your needles with Testors model paint before you install the overlays.

My 67 gauges are all round, so I trimmed the overlays to size before removing the backing. It's a trial and error thing. I used a kid's compass to get the overlays round. I pre-cut the center holes so I didn't have to remove the needles. Then I peeled the backing half way off and cut the backing in half, then layed the backing back down. Thread the overlay over the needle with the backing attached. Position it exactly where you want it, hold it down tightly with one hand and remove half of the backing with the other, then pull the other half off. You can index the overlay's pretty close to the original gauge markings.

Your gauges are behind one large face, right? You might have a more difficult time than I did. You may want to email the guy for installation tips. He's pretty helpfull.

While you're at it, paint the back half of your gauge pod gloss white, polish your bulb covers and replace your bulbs, replace your bezel and lenses, and replace your CVR.

Let us know how it goes!!!!

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Early Falcon style guages are actually 3 pieces. One for the speedometer, one for fuel guage and one for water temp.

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