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You sent me an email, and every reply I attempt gets sent back. Here is yout answer:


My 65FBV is heavily modified by the Previous Owner.
When I bought it, it had:
a 351c from a 1970 mustang
a c-6 reverse valve body tranny from a 71 mustang
a Dual Quad Weiand tunnel ram intake that stuck through the hood
Q-jet carbs (a chevy carb)
and nothing else.

Feel free to visit my website at
which has pictures of the car on arrival day, and of all mods since then.

I do not have a Shelby hood, but I have a hood scoop being made that will
resemble a Shelby scoop (only larger) for the car. The first draft is on
the website.

They make high rise intakes for the 289 motor, but in all reality, the same
power can be produced under the hood allowing for a little bit of sleeper
status on the streets.

I have removed the tunnel ram intake and opted to use a Weiand Xcelerator
intake. The t-ram gave me an power range from 3k to 7k, whereas the new
intake gives me a power range from 1.5k to 7k which makes the car a lot more
streetable. Furthermore, I replaced the 2 450cfm carbs for one 770cfm
carb...all though slightly smaller in total cfm size, it flows enough gas to
make the car very strong into the 6.5k range.

The best package I have seen for a streetable 289 is the Edlebrock Performer
RPM package. Check out for more info on this.

AS for suppliers, I have a personal affinity to but
there are many many mustang specific shops available that provide many of
the same parts.
I just like mustangs plus, cause I used to live close to them, used them,
and they have the web ordering /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

The other vender I use regularly is they supplied all my MSD
stuff and the intake.

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