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Ok, you guys wanted it, here it is!

Spal fan setups are going to be this months deal from !

LOTS of details in this months group buy so please read carefully!

The markup on these fans is so weenie we are almost giving them away now at our regular price. The weenie profit margin is reflected in the deal this month so please, don't be disappointed! As with most of our products, they are already reduced below the price of other vendors so that doesn't give us to much wiggle room for additional discounts. ;)

Here are the details:
1, ONLY checks, cashier checks and money orders will be accepted. NO PAYPAL PAYMENTS PLEASE! We get dinged a percentage by Paypal for every time somebody sends us money. Using Paypal for this deal and us incurring the charge would almost make this group buy pointless.


2, Instead of donating cash to the VMF, we are going to leave it up to you guys to determine the amount the VMF makes out of this months group buy. At the end of August, we will donate to MYTOYS auction one of our soon to be released shock tower braces with it's nifty quick release feature ( ). The item will then go to the highest bidder and that amount is given to the VMF. The amount could very well be more than if we donated say, $5 per fan setup.

3, Offer limited to COMPLETE fan setups. This means Fan, wiring harness and mounting brackets.

4, A TON of you guys said you would be interested last month so hang in there with us if we one day get 10 checks in the mail! We may run out of stock and our regular same day shipping could be delayed whilst we wait for new fans to arrive from Spal.

That is enough of the boring stuff, now for the juicy details.

1, We will offer a discount of $10 per COMPLETE fan setup (fan, mounting brackets and thermostat and wiring harness)
2, Included in your shipment will be a $5 gift certificate for use on your next purchase with us.
3, Shipping is $8.99 anywhere in the lower 48 States.
4, CA residents must add 8.25% sales tax to the price of the fan (you don't add sales tax to shipping).

For ALL V8 cars we recommend using the 16" High Performance puller fan. To run a 16" High Performance puller fan you'll need the fan ($139), thermostat and wiring harness ($45) and the mounting brackets ($15) TOTAL - $199. Deduct the $10 off this month = $189 + $8.99 shipping = $197.99 (CA residents TOTAL would be $204.59 + $8.99 shipping = $213.58)

To run the dual 11" fan ($259) you'll need a radiator with a core width of at least 24" wide. You'll also need to order the thermostat and wiring kit ($45) and the additional wiring kit ($35). This fan does not come with a mounting solution so you'll need to fabricate something. TOTAL - $339. Deduct the $10 off this month = $329 + $8.99 shipping = $337.99 (CA residents TOTAL would be $356.14 + $8.99 shipping = $365.13)

Please email us at [email protected] if you have ANY questions regarding these fans, what's included and ESPECIALLY if you need help calculating sales tax. Shipment will be delayed if your check is not the correct amount.

Get more info on these fans at our website:
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