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Have any of you seen the dim bulb advertising the 66 coupe, inline 6 in the paper. He had it in for $2000 last week, I spent over an hour waiting for him (he had the car parked at a remote location), then checked it out and went for a ride. A pretty nice ride I must admit, but he had the cowl plexiglassed and it STILL leaked, there was some through & thorugh rust in the truck, a little damage to the rear and it needed to be completely sanded and repainted. He was asking $2000, so I offered $1800 (seemed fair), he said that "some guy" was coming by tomorrow with the money, but if he didn't, he'd call me back - we know how that works, so I told him yeah, call if it didn't work out. I called him two days later and he says the guy offered him $2200 (which didn't sound kosher considering he wasn't asking that much).
OK, whatever. This week the same car is in the paper for $2500. Clearly this kid is pulling numbers out of his butt.
It kind of hacked me off that I wasted several hours one night even entertaining the notion of buying this car, when he clearly doesn't want to sell.
I was wondering if any of my fellow Austin area residence talked to this turkey.


66 Convertible inline 6
Still seeking 67-68 coupe in good condition
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