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Australian Mustang Concours

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Easter sees our national concourse on the beautiful Gold Coast. Well Tweed Heads really. But nobody will have heard of Tweed Heads.
I've managed to scunge up a digital camera for the weekend, so I'll get plenty of photos. Should give you blokes in the states a chance to see how a mustang should be restored.*G*

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thanks for the input aussie i suer hope the new rad. works for my car!!!!!!! P.S. great car love it!!!!!!!!!!
We're heading out to Goondoowindi for Easter, so i'll miss the Concourse.Bugger!Have a good one & I'll check with you on those photos.

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Regards From the Great South Land.
One of my fondest memories from oz was a beautiful red RHD mustang. I'm still tempted to convert mint to right hand drive over here. Then when i get sick of it ship it over there for a ridiculous price.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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