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Auto Restorer Magazine. Anyone get it?

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Just got a subscription form in the mail for "Auto Restorer" magazine. It sounds pretty good. Anybody get this?

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I got it a few years ago. Interesting reading, but not many things that were applicable to restoring a Mustang. It may have changed though...
Had subscription last year, wont renew. Some good info but not worth doing again.
I have had a subscription to "Auto Restorer" for the last year. My final issue is July. I am not sure if I will renew it. I have enjoyed the articles, which I found are informative and well written. Although I have an appreciation for all makes of classic cars, I prefer more Mustang related material.
I have had a subscrition to it for the last few years. The articles are well written, but while dealing with a specific issue (such as diagnosing AC problems), are general in nature (diagnosing general AC problems, not "Ford used a cheap XYZ that tends to die early").

I have not had the luck that many Stangers have had, turning a wrech since they were teenagers, my situation didn't allow that, so I'm learning now (at the ripe old age of 33 /forums/images/icons/smile.gif ). Reading Mags is great, but many assume a basic level of working knowledge, which I'm trying to gain now. Thats where this Mag is great IMHO, I can get general advice that's not in most other mags. They don't assume that I've been turning a wrench for years. Reading Autorestorer I'm not going to find out how to repair my Instrument cluster, but I will find info on how to troubleshoot instrument clusters in general.

They also have non-tech articles. This months was 'How to run a car club" Lots of ideas. My SWMBO puts together our club newsletter got permission from the editor to quote parts of it.

It's an interesting well written publication that deals with the hobby of autorestoration as a whole.

I will resubscribe.

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had it for last 3 years and like it.
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