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Subject: Autolite 1100 1968-1969 IMCO Carb works great!

Factory Rebuilt by Ford-Motorcraft in 1979.. IT IS an Original Autolite 1968-1969 IMCO Carb. It still retains all its 1960's "FOMOCO" Oval Stamps and 1960's markings. IT IS NOT a Motorcraft carb, It was just rebuilt by Motorcraft. It is a C4 Auto carb with two dashpots and Auto Choke. It will however work just fine on manual transmission cars. You can use a C4 Auto 1100 carb on a manual transmission car, but you can't use a Standard carb on a C4 Auto tranny car.

Incorrect for my 1965 Mustang 200 cid manual car, Even though it doesn't have the Spark Advance for '65-'67, It worked great and even idled on my '65 Convertible believe it or not.. I drove fine with it for quite awhile until I located my original correct carb for my I'm selling this one.

Asking $155, but I will give you a deal if you buy it from me outside of I don't have to pay the ebay commission and seller's fees...

If interested, E-mail me at: [email protected]


Tony K.
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