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Autolite or Holly carb - which would you use?

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I've got two carbs - a autolite 4 bbl. and a holly... which one would you put on? One of these is going to be rebuilt on a 1970 mach 1 with - 351c.
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Down in So Fla, Holley's are altitude sensitive and overpasses are altitude! Send the Autolite to Pony carbs w/ the engine specs and you won't find a better one. Jon will build it for your car. My old one got 20-22 MPG w/ a cam, headers, and my belief that if there are 4 holes, they should all be used! It has 170,000+ miles on it and Jon refurbished it @ 160K.

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Two ways to look at it....

If it's a more race oriented car, and you don't mind occasionally having to tune the carb - Holley.

If it's a street driver, and you don't want to have to noodle with the carb - Autolite 4100. (Pony Carbs)

Of course correct carb sizing is pivotal to what sort of performance you ultimately get, so choose wisely. Dickson
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