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Automatic Antennas

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Has anyone here installed an automatic antenna on your classic mustang? Does anyone have one on a 71-73 mustang? Do I have to make major modifications to my car?
California Mustang sells them for 70 bucks. Has anyone seen them anywhere else?

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I installed a Harada power antenna over 10 years ago on mine. Installation is fairly straighforward. Two things you will have to do are:
1) Fabricate a bracket/strap to secure the bottom of the power antenna. I used plumbers tape (metal strap stuff used for waterheaters).
2) Install / hookup the wiring - I ran the control for the antenna to the provided up/down switch. The radio I had at the time had a power antenna output, but when you put in a cassette, the antenna went down. So, I hardwired up the power antenna, and now I have CONTROL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Installing mine required removing the fender. I bought mine at Radio Shack for around $30. Only catch with the RS unit is that in the up position it is damn tall. I mean it makes me nervous under low bridges!!!

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Was that just a general/generic power antenna thing?

I'm looking to get one of those as well.. I don't like havin' to mess with my car cover and that darn antenna... :)

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Yes, it was right off the shelf. I looked at several places to find one that had an original appearance to it.

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1967 351W Convertible
2000 Mustang GT
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I have an aftermarket one I picked up at the parts store in my '66 convertible.
I installed it about 5 years ago. Makes it easier to put the car cover on.
There is a splash plate inside the fender that I removed after jacking it up and
taking off the wheel so that I could get inside the fender area below the antennae.
Took about 3 hours to install.

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Hey there,

I'm going to add an automatic antenna to my 66 as soon as it is back from the body shop where it is being painted. Technically it is a piece of cake to wire it in and mount it. In a 66 fender, it is easier when you loosen it up. I don't know about later years.

I did opt for a brand antenna, Hirshmann is actually about the best and most reliable you can buy. Ok, they are a bit more expensive, but I would not want to have to do the installation all over again in a couple of years.....

I have done quite a lot with hifi equipment in cars and often together with a friend who specialises in car hifi. We both came to the same conclusion....buying cheap often means you end up buying the same component again.

In the end you are often wiser (economically) if you buy something a little more expensive with a lot more quality.

Just a thought.


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