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Axle Ratios?

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I have what is probably a basic question.

What are the differences between the axle ratios?

I have a 65 A-Code w/ an axle code of 3:00:1 and a 4 spd toploader. However, I also notice that there are 2x:1 ratios as well as other 3x:1 ratios...... what is the difference? Are some better than others, rarer, etc?

I am trying to learn about the mechanics of my car (currently an amateur) and am not familiar with axles at all.

Thanks for the help.
Is there a good reference manual to study these types of details?
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In layman's terms, the 2.x ratios will give you a bit better economy at the cost of some performance....
The opposite will apply to the 3.x ratios....

The higher the number, the bigger mechanical advantage the engine has over turning the rear wheels (faster acceleration) with the penalty being it has to turn more rpm for any given speed (there goes the economy)...

The reverse is true as the gear ratio number gets lower...

Fun stuff huh? *G*


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If you would like to try a practical example or two, go to the following site to find how different gear ratios affect the engine RPM and other parameters.

PS. Sorry, this didn't come out as a hyperlink URL. So copy and paste.

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