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Only saw snow one day, on the way down, about twenty miles north of Carlisle, looks like anyone going tomorrow will have temperatures in the high 70's!!. I made it back with sore feet and legs-will have to get more comfortable sneakers for the Ford show-anyone got any recommendations-Sketchers don't do it.Did a little research for my Ford rear end page and took some photos of a couple interesting rear ends that I saw there and some cars, only to find out when I got home most didn't come out on my digital camera, may have been the cold weather or batteries.Saw one faked N case I believe, looked like the N was welded on and had a C2 part number-I really wanted those pictures to come out! Saw a few strange N cases- 2.79 ratios, one posi, one not, one with daytona pinion, one without,and one was even a 28 spline! For cars there were not many Mustangs for sale this year, at least thru Saturday morning, ran across one odd 68 Fastback, beautiful red paint-looked really fresh-too fresh, was an S code in vin, sporting 428 aluminum valve covers, but what was really odd is that it had 65-66 chrome style front parking lights???!! I couldn't figure out if they used a 65-66 front valance or modified the 67-68? The one car I did really like was a dark green 65 K code coupe,radio delete,non GT, looked at it in the evening, and it really looked sharp, only wished I could have seen the engine, but hood was closed and chained down! Too bad the pictures didn't come out too show you guys.Well off to the hot tub and some cold beer to cure my aches.

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The engine on that dark green coupe was beautiful. Exceptionally clean, all the chalk marks and stuff. Correct everything. Very nice car. Interesting that it had the radio delete though I thought. Besides that, didn't see too many nice Mustangs. Hopefully I'll win that nice Peacock blue T-bird they are rafling off. Show was a lot of fun, but I liked the All-Ford Nationals last year better. Already booked my hotel for that this year, can't wait.
I just took a day trip for this Spring Event from school, it was cool, dragged along a few friends.
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