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That Kinda happened to me at a VW Show, I had my old Bus entered in an "under-restoration" Class which was just below the daily driver class. My bus was pretty much done except the Final body and paint work. Anyway this was a small show maybe 100 cars and I had First place Locked in the class of course. It's not best of show or anything but it's a trophy. Well the daily driver class had the most amount of entries and there were some really nice cars so some of the "rougher" looking cars asked the judges to be demoted to the Under-restoration class while there were being judged because there was no chance of them winning in the daily driver class. This pissed me off, I know this is all supposed to be fun and it was but i though what happend was plain cheating. The cars were NOT being restored, They were Drivers. In the end I walked away with a little blue ribbon and a T-shirt. I only enter in peoples choice shows now.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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