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Well after 8 months at BRC Racecrafts she returned home.
Sealed every weld, seam, and gap with POR 15. We also stripped and sealed the inside of the frame rails, torque boxes, etc. as we worked on the chassis.
Framed and installed the plastic portion of the paint booth this week for dust control and will install the intake and exhaust systems when the body work is finished.

Going to start smoothing the dog house and firewall then work my way back. Probably welded 200 holes shut...argh!

She is sced. for paint in April........We will see??

Removed the tig welded stainless exhaust......I think I will polish it before it goes back on.

This is the rear suspension system. Narrowed 9", torque arm, lower control arms with heim ends, panhard bar, anti roll assy., and external adj.coil overs.

All of the holes in the firewall are completely welded and will require some serious smoothing. A Vintage Air heater assy. is located under the dash to get rid of that ugly fan motor sticking through the firewall.

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