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Bad News - Good News

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Bad News - went to get the newly created repro '64½ auto. shift bezel from the restoration shop. The metal was OK, but the shift dial was CRAP. Very sloppy.

Good News - restoration guy will take shift dial from original bezel, polish, and put it in repro bezel. Stylin'!

Air cleaner (open type, not CA closed type because it is originally a Virginia car) is being primed/painted 260 blue along with the black snorkel and heat riser. Can't wait until Knott's!

[color:blue]Steve Grant
'64½ Indy 500 Pace Car coupe
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Hey sdgrant!
I just registered about 5 minutes ago:) Very nice ride,we all
should be so lucky! I've done the part substitution thing alot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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