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Barn Full of Parts Update #2

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Well I brought back my first load of parts this past weekend. I used a full size 8ft bed pickup with a 16 foot trailer. These were filled to capacity with carbs, wire rims from the 30's, speedometers, grills from the 30's and 40's, headlite bezels, air cleaners from the 30's and 40's, a gold hood ornament for a 53 Kaiser Dragon to name just a few things.

I would guess it would take AT LEAST 100 more loads like this to get it back. I have strarted listing on EHAY last night and will continue forever!

I was thinking of using the name Levi's Classic as the business name after my son Levi's name. What do you folks think? Any other ideas for a good name?
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Ooo, no, too much like a blue jeans company name.

Barnie's Parts?
Barn Owl Parts?
Andy's Parts (now, Barn....)

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I don't have any comment on the name but I do envy your situation with the parts.

Even if somehow you only manage to make $2 per part profit after everything is said and done you're still sitting on $1 million. Given the way the price of parts is increasing and whatever discount you got for buying the mother lode I'm sure the potential is much greater.

I can't imagine you selling them all on DBAY though without a few employees or grouping stuff into somewhat large lots.

Good luck. You might want to put the link to your auctions in your sig line so the VMF community has the opportunity to buy some of the items.

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I have hooked up with a guy in my home town who owns a fullfillment business for people who sell items in the internet. He warehouses, packs and ships your items for a fee. We are working out the details of how this would work but this will save me the hassle of many employees by contracting this out to him.

I will also be selling by request once I start my inventory system, this may take awhile. I will also contract with a local regional auctioneer to hold some large antique auto parts auctions for the large stuff. This guy draws on aveage 500 people to his auctions and is VERY excited about an auction like this.
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