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Battling Screws (rant & ?)

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I've been fighting screws that won't budge for two weeks now. Every time I run into one, I tussle with it for a couple hours then move on and run into another. And of course they only pop up when I'm making progress.
I've saturated the bolts with WD-40 and Screwloose. I've cut off what bolts I can get to with the hack saw. All I'm left with are those clip-screws. I've been told by some to heat the bolt and it will loosen but I am worried about fumes from the fuel lines and such.
What methods/tools have you guys used when you run into this particular problem. TIA
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An impact driver works sometimes.
I discovered this a couple of months ago for dealing with phillips head screws. Use a driver bit and a ratchet wrench/socket to hold the bit. It provides much more torque than a screwdriver alone.
Sears sells an impact type tool that takes phillips head and flat head screw bits - you set it on screwhead and hit it with hammmer - used it on door hinges etc. and it works well and is only $15 or so as i remember. also i hae found PB Blaster better than WD-40 for rusty stuff.
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